Products Liability

Products Liability

Montgomery & Andrews’ attorneys offer manufacturers strong services in the defense of product liability litigation. Although we are pleased to act as local counsel, Montgomery & Andrews has also first-chaired the defense of various medical devices, ATVs, de-icing chemicals, glass containers and recreational equipment. As local counsel, we have worked primarily on automobile products liability cases, actively participating in the trials of cases. The firm offers lawyers who have focused litigation on expert witnesses and the use of scientific testimony, including successful Daubert and Kumho challenges to experts. We also are very experienced in issues involving removal of cases to Federal court and venue issues within the New Mexico state court system. Montgomery & Andrews’ attorneys have served U.S. and international companies in product liability litigation, including:

General Motors – vehicles and seatbelts

Daimler Chrysler – vehicles and seatbelts

Hyundai – vehicles and seatbelts

Honda – vehicles and seatbelts

Arctic Cat – ATVs

State of New Mexico – de-icing chemicals

Michelin North America – tires

Los Alamos National Laboratory – glass container for chemicals

TRW – seatbelts

Pirelli Tires, LLC – tires