Since Montgomery & Andrews, P.A. was established in the 1930s, its members have represented the firm’s clients before the numerous regulatory and administrative agencies located in the state capitol. We have represented client’s interests in such matters as rulemaking proceedings, compliance matters, licensing and permitting and rate filings.

Over the years we have established a strong reputation for competency and credibility with the key personnel of the agencies with whom we have worked. Our positive working relationships with the people in these agencies is the result of our frequent opportunities to work with them successfully to resolve our clients’ issues. Through our continuing contact with key personnel in the regulatory agencies which most affect our clients, we are able to provide pro-active representation of the interest of those clients, in time to avoid problems with the agency.

State agencies before whom we regularly appear include the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission; the Office of Superintendent of Insurance; the Energy & Minerals Department, including the Oil Conservation Division and the Mining and Minerals Division; the Taxation and Revenue Department; the State Attorney General’s Office; the Environment Department; the Office of the State Engineer; the Regulation and Licensing Department, including the Alcohol and Gaming Division, Construction and Industry Division, and Financial Institutions Division; the State Land Office; the Environmental Improvement Board; the Water Quality Control Commission; the Oil Conservation Commission; the Mining Commission and the Workers’ Compensation Administration.