Montgomery & Andrews’ attorneys have considerable expertise in providing land use guidance to individuals, businesses, neighborhood associations, governmental agencies, utilities, mining interests, healthcare facilities, and others throughout the state, helping them to find effective solutions to the issues raised by what can often be a maze of land use regulations. Typical projects for which we have provided this kind of guidance include:

  • Agricultural and ranching operations
  • Commercial and residential real estate development
  • Mining operations
  • Oil and gas extraction, transportation and refining
  • Construction
  • Alternative energy
  • Water and sanitation
  • Access
  • Lending

Our  expertise spans the spectrum of jurisdictional boundaries.  M&A attorneys have substantial experience in helping clients to navigate their way through the complexity of municipal, county, state, federal and tribal land use regulation. For more than 75 years, M&A has worked with businesses, individuals and public entities, facilitating solutions to issues raised by a wide range of land use regulations, including:

  • Condemnation/eminent domain
  • Subdivision development
  • Easements and rights of way
  • Mineral rights
  • Water rights
  • Permits


  • Restrictive covenants
  • Zoning
  • Environment concerns and site remediation
  • Indian lands
  • Green building codes
  • Public lands

In addition, M&A litigation staff bring specific knowledge and in-depth experience to help clients establish and defend their rights against a wide variety of claims, including, for example, the protection of their rights to develop or protect their property, to avoid unlawful encroachment, to obtain necessary access, or to establish, recognize and protect their ownership of water, mineral rights and other natural resources.

Our attorneys work closely with clients to understand and help resolve their concerns, to analyze, evaluate and effectuate the best legal strategy to address these concerns, and to implement client decisions. M&A attorneys have the expertise and training to accomplish our clients’ goals.  Offices in both Albuquerque and Santa Fe enable us to work closely with clients throughout the state to be not only effective, but efficient in this endeavor.