For more than 75 years, Montgomery & Andrews, P.A. has represented natural resource industries across the full spectrum of their transactional, regulatory and litigation needs, helping them to balance production and profitability with environmental stewardship. Clients who choose M&A get the benefit of working with:

  • An established law firm. M&A is one of the largest commercial law firms in Santa Fe and a leader in natural resource law throughout New Mexico. Our firm enjoys a preeminent reputation for professionalism and legal ethics. Our involvement with significant natural resource cases dates back to the negotiations of the Rio Grande Compact, regarding the Rio Grande River, when our co-founder J.O. Seth represented New Mexico in talks with Colorado and Texas. Since then, the firm has served as Counsel of Record for a number of States in interstate water disputes in the United States Supreme Court. We have assisted scores of businesses, as well as individuals, with water rights in New Mexico. We are also a leader in advocacy for natural resource industries, interfacing with legislative bodies and regulatory agencies. In addition, the firm has helped to successfully resolve a variety of issues faced by businesses engaged in the exploration, production, processing, and transportation of natural resources.
  • Dynamic attorneys. Natural resource clients require a broad scope of services, from permitting to environmental law and from guidance on transactions to advocacy in administrative proceedings and litigation. M&A has substantial legal talent and experience in these fields. We work closely with our clients and employ a variety of approaches to assist our clients in accomplishing their goals.

M&A has the specific knowledge to provide focused, comprehensive legal solutions for companies engaged in activities related to oil and gas, mining, and water. We provide essential legal guidance across numerous substantive areas affecting natural resources industries, including:

  • Commercial litigation
  • Environmental law
  • Indian law
  • Mining law
  • Oil and gas law
  • Water law